Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

Can't wait for Spring....but that's not what this post is about. Just couldn't think of a creative title.

What's going on with us?

You must be coming here because you want to know! Or maybe I'll just flatter myself by thinking you care....

Reagan is 4. 30 whopping pounds. LOVING home school. Learning much. Asking questions about God and his BIG story - and bearing with me as I learn to share it with her.... She's my helper in the kitchen. She is her brother's best friend and her daddy's biggest fan. She's also Bentley's second mommy.

Hutch is 18 months old. 23 pounds. He spends most of the day outside trying to ride our dogs like a horse. He also has meals with them sometimes. And by meals, I mean he eats dog food with them from time to time. He loves sticks, dirt and Reagan. And he says "mama" about 500 times a day. Oh yeah - it's cute. He thinks Bentley is a toy to lay on.

Bentley is 3 months old. 10 pounds. Sleeping from 10-7...YAY! She is grinning and squealing more and more every day. She's either crying or smiling - that one. A very different baby than we've ever had before. A little more high maintenance - but sweet, nonetheless. Oh, how I love her tiny self. She loves watching Reagan and Hutch.

Shaun - Oh Shaun. He is still just as amazing as the last time I told you he was amazing. Such a help to me and the kids. (seriously - on Sunday mornings - i just get ready and go to the car, he gets EVERYONE else ready. It's his ministry to me, and I'm not complaining.) He loves me. He loves my soul and the care of it. He jumps with delight to care for children when I get time with the girls, or go to Bible study or just take a hot bath.

He knows how to make me smile.

He is so good to me - and I thank God for such a tenderhearted and caring soul to share my life with.

He preached today.

I'm not sure he's gotten his calling right.

He is a lawyer - and does a bang-up job at that......but..... I think he may - in fact - be called to preach. (There I go being the Holy Spirit to him again....I tend to do that in my more fleshly moments.)..... He did an incredible job of defining exactly what the gospel is and is not. It was based on a book we recently read with a group of people at our church.

Incredible, I say.

click the pic to see the book online.

I am going to see if I can get an audio version of Shaun's sermon and post it here on my blog soon.

Until then - you can just look at him. Cuz he's cute. And be reminded - he's also MINE!

Good grief I love him.

We are so happy.

I have been so refreshed by our time together lately.

Please stay tuned. Fun things coming Shaun's sermon. I'm also going to be doing a guest post on a friend's blog. I'll let you know when I do it so you can head over there and read it.....cuz you love me.

by the way....I have an awesome new camera - but we are having technical difficulties getting pictures uploaded to our computer so I can use them on the blog...I'll be posting some fun pictures in the coming weeks too! (hopefully)

Love you all. Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

I love your children and their whopping pounds!

I've heard a lot of good things from David about Sunday's sermon. I got the CD recording of it. I'm about to listen. If you need a copy of the CD, you can have the one I have.