Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God hath blessed us...beyond belief.

Need I say - Life is crazy?

Yeah -

Hold on a minute while I gather my thoughts.......

I'm still nursing - which means I still have pregnant brain.

What was I saying?

I think I'm feeling kindof sleepy.

And irritable.

And like I need to get out of the house.....or even just out of my pajamas. That would be good.

Really -

That's the jist of how i feel lately!

Passing the days, getting on a schedule with Bentley, doing my best to keep chores done around the house, beginning homeschooling Reagan, and chasing Hutch so I can wipe his....nose. :)

So - I know blog posts are scarce, but the honest truth is - I just don't have time - or an internet connection in Crawfordsville. Would AT&T PLEASE work on that?

So little by little we return to normal (what is normal?) and I will hopefully be getting back into blogging soon - for all two readers. You know who you are.


Julie said...

Such a cute little family! I've heard some people say 3 is a lot easier than 2 and I've also heard the opposite... guess I'll find out soon enough.

Mel said...

Sweet pics! And LOVE your header! So adorable!