Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mowers, Music and Missionaries

If you drive out to the boondocks in the spring/summer/fall - you will find, at least once a week, Reagan and I riding the mower. You'll find me with one ear bud in and Reagan with the other in her ear.

She will usually ride with me for a good hour of the 3. The other time she spends wandering around the yard, playing with crickets and looking for snakes and lizards. She also checks on Hutch from time to time. Thank the Lord Hutch takes a good 2 1/2 hour nap and then plays in his bed while I finish up.

Before we venture out for our 3 hours in the sun - I put on my skibbies - (my maternity swimsuit) and Reagan feels the need to wear her princess garb. Dress, Crown, Necklaces, Bangles, Makeup and Heels.

I'm trying to give you a mental picture. A mental picture of the hotness, not my hotness, but the sweatiness (is that a word?) of a baby belly, 4 year old, and all that garb - on a moving, cutting MOWER.

Got that in your head?

Pile all that on our mower and now picture us "sharing" earbuds to listen to MY ipod. Not fair. I want to listen to digital books and sermons (really the only time I have to listen to things like this) and she wants Boot Scootin Boogie.

So - don't laugh at me when I say we hooked our 4 year old up with an Ipod complete with dock, armband and earbuds for her birthday.

It was a cheap gift.

The Ipod was free. It used to belong to Shaun. So did the armband. We spent $29.99 on the dock, $9.99 on the earbuds and about $10 more on music on itunes. Good music. Not Chattahoochee.

Oh the bliss when I mowed this week. Free of - we'll call her - clinger princess.

We have sweet friends who are serving in another country as missionaries. Amy, the momma, has so much good to say about what it means to raise small children. Her children are the same age as mine - about. I love keeping up with her via her blog.

Recently, I was reading her blog and I ran across this post and it sealed the deal in my mind about whether or not we should be getting our 4 year old this technology.

We downloaded the Walking With the Wise music for Reagan. She's already singing the songs. And she's getting it - understanding the message, memorizing the scripture, and soaking up something intentional.

I love it.

Best gift ever. She's loving it.

So now when you drive out to the boondocks in the spring/summer/fall you will find me on the mower and a pretty little princess wandering the yard - with her own earbuds.

This is extra.
It's free.
I won't charge you anything for the laugh.


Julie said...

Such cute kids! She reminds me of another little princess I know... we miss ya'll.

jo said...

Poor Reagan. All neglected in her crown. At least she can rock out now. Hey, we got that same dock for Audrey for Christmas.