Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Life

Several months ago, I attended a funeral at a large auditorium - where every seat was filled and there was only room to stand. People of great repute came from all over the country and state to acknowledge this man who had just passed. They spoke of his funny wit and his great success. Never a word mentioned about his eternal state. Never a word about his Creator.

To me- that was a sad day. A day full of sadness and despair.

Why do I say these things, you ask?

My dear friend lost her grandfather this week. During the message - it was said that this man had "finished strong and he had been satisfied with what God had given him." Story after story spoke of his faithfulness to God, his humility, his love for his family and his gentle spirit.

Truly - he was a good man - who lived a great - full life.....

.......to the glory of Christ.

Funerals like that are so full of......


I walked away feeling challenged and ministered to - by the very man that had passed away. What an awesome testimony to his life. Oh, that I would live in such a way. That God's kingdom may be challenged and furthered by my life. That I would be an instrument for His work. That not a moment will go wasted.

We only get one time around.

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