Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I used to think it was such a silly thing when my mom would say;

"Get off my bed! I just made it up!"

Let me just say - I've caught myself saying that on more than one occasion.

This morning the above scenario was the case.

Except my little negotiator of a daughter had a very interesting and different line of thought than I expected.

She says to me:
Ok mommy, I will get off.
Let me get my juice.
You don't want my juice to leak
out on the bed, do you?

I leave the room for about 5 minutes.

I come back to find her still on the bed. After scolding her, she throws her little arms around me, gives me what she and her daddy call a pouty kiss (with the bottom lip folded outward) and proceeds to say:

Mommy, I just love you so much.
Actually, I love you and daddy
and my princess dress and Hutch
and the bed and Super Why.
Now can I just SIT on the bed?

I answer no and leave the room again.

I come back and she's STILL on that bed. I got stern with her, told her to get down or I was going to get the spanking stick.

She says to me:

Oh, mommy, that spanking
stick just hurts me.
I tell you this, I will play here
and when I get done,
I will fix the pillows and then
"eberbodys" happy.
Right? Ok, mommy? Ok?
That Ok?

Is it bad parenting that I laughed at her, didn't spank her, but did pick her up and make her get down for good?

Should I even care that she's on my bed? She IS the most well behaved kid EVER!

All joking aside - I do NOT want to breed this kind of child. Nor do I think this kind of mindset is ok. Especially in a child. However, it's hard to deal with - because she negotiates at ALL times. I'd end up spanking her all day long. Which, now that I'm typing that, might not be a bad thing. It would probably only last a day or so.

She's just so stinkin cute and funny. And quite the negotiator. You name it - she negotiates. She got it from her lawyer father. I assure you.

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Julie said...

That is hilarious! Father's child:)