Friday, January 1, 2010

Thoughts for the New Year

- Christmas has come and gone. Yes. Frown and be sad,'s over.

- This was the most meaningful Christmas EVER. Mom and Dad had a quilt made for each girl with all our t-shirts from church, sports events and school. They also gave us DVD's of our childhood home videos. Not to mention - they also bought each couple a 32 inch flat screen. They are always so giving - and such a great example of both saving and giving. I love them.

- Something about being 4 months postpartum makes my hair start falling out. I may be bald soon. At least I have my last name going for me.

- Speaking of hair, Shaun is thinking of bleaching his chest hair - just for fun.

- For some reason, Reagan thinks our friend Caleb's name is KLove. Cute, right?

- My new favorite song (this week) is Soul Sister by Train. Before you go there in your brain...yes, it's secular. And. I. Love. It.

- American Idol starts in 2 weeks! Woo Hoo. Man! 2 secular things in a row - you should pray for me.

- On a spiritual note - I'm going to be going to a new Bible study in 2010. According to Jo - it will rock my world. More to come on THAT.

- Shaun changed the name of his blog from Marred Clay to Living Next Door to the Humans. Because we do, in fact, live next to the Humans.

- I made a new years resolution and I already don't want to tell people what it is - just in case I don't follow through. That's sad isn't it?

- 2 dudes have my heart. Shaun and Hutch.

- Reagan told me she forgot to clean her room today - because she was "occupied."

- Reagan also says "actually...." "seriously?" and "are you kiddin me?" A LOT.

- Our New Year's party was rockin'... til 4 in the morning.

- So I'm headed home with Shaun to rest and start this new year off right. What? I'm just sayin, y'all. I'm just sayin.

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sethswifeforlife said...

That's funny about living next door to the Humans. We live next door to the Neighbors. Yes, he Neighbors are our neighbors. They are Christians and homeschool so we have mutual friends...and it's always kind of funny explaining to mutual friends that we are neighbors.
anyway.....Happy New Year! Your two "babies" are adorable.