Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Thoughts on Gettin Perty

Isn't it fun when you find an outfit to wear and your hair looks better up with that outfit?
That's the best. I love a ponytail!

Isn't it interesting how you hold your mouth opened when you're putting on mascara? You know you do it. Reagan brought this to my attention. Pay attention next time. It'll make you laugh.

Now that I have two kids
- I don't have near the time or the body for lookin pretty. I do still like to try. I've had SO many people lately asking me how I get my hair to look this way or that way. While I'm flattered - I'm kindof unsure how to answer, except just to tell them what I use on my hair. So I thought I'd do a little post about it - since my hair seems to be popular...haha. (I really don't like my hair - but I guess others do :)

I just use Pantene.

I also use:
Pantene Smoothing Serum

My best styling friend is my CHI. It's the best hair straightener in the world! Don't buy the off brand ones - they don't do nearly as well. This one is expensive, but with a lifetime warranty - it's the best money I ever spent on gettin pretty. When it breaks (mine has broken 2 times in 6 years) they replace it - FREE. Shaun actually bought it for me when we were dating.

Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

When I use the CHI, I get this look:

This is right after I had Hutch - don't look at my back fat.

Another item that is a must for me is a fat curling iron. When I don't feel like taking the time to fix it - a few runs of a fat curling iron and I'm good to go. When I do that - I get this look:

Kindof tangled. You couldn't run your fingers through this.

Maybe my hair is stylish - but my clothes are not. The other day - I was dropping of a bunch of clothes at a consignment shop and the lady told me she wouldn't sell a lot of my things because they were too "dated". I almost had a conniption. Seriously? I'm 26 and my clothes are dated? So I began doing some homework on current fashions. Yeah, I'm way out of the loop and behind on times. Here is what I found:

Cardigans are becoming my new best friend. I know the word cardigan sounds like a 60 year old lady. They make cute ones now - and I love it. It makes it so that I can wear some of my summer things - just under a cardigan. And they're modest. Here are some looks to love:

Cropped Cardigan Sweater photo

Cropped Cardigan Sweaters photo

Footless Tights are also turning into one of my favorites. Although, I have to be careful about this because I'm short.
It's just comfy.
Easy. Modest. Dressy or Casual. Whatever you want it to be!

Boots over Jeans is also another thing I'm liking the look of - however, I haven't done it yet - because I haven't found the right pair of boots or jeans.
(I just don't have any)
I'd only have 4 inches of jean showing if I tried this!
I like that scarf too!

Anyway - what are your ideas? Any fashion suggestions?
Hope you find this helpful.
Next time you see me - please tell me if I'm "dated"


The Culbertsons said...

I completely understand about being out of "fashion." I didn't know until a few months back when shopping at Ann Taylor that it was no longer fashionable to to wear a matching shell with the cardigan - yep, I was slightly embarrassed! Even though I'm young (same age as you), it is hard to stay in fashion when you have kiddos and not as much disposable income.

I don't have any fashion tips, but I really liked some of the ideas you have.

And yes, your hair is beautiful!

Julie said...

I love this post!! Thanks for the advice. I've been thinking that it would really do me some good to go shopping with somebody who can tell me what is in style. I have NO idea!! Please post any other tips you find:)