Wednesday, October 7, 2009


There have been some pretty random things happening at our house today:

First of all, this morning Reagan asked me -

"mommy, why you look so bad?"

and then when she got close for a hug -

"mommy, you smell bad too."

We figured out - if I walk around holding Hutch and vacuuming, he doesn't cry. The only problem is - I don't have hardly any carpet -

we vacuumed the hardwood for a while.

Hutch also likes to lay in his "baby bather" in the shower with the water running - as long as it's warm and not splashing his face -

we emptied the 40 gallon hot water heater -

2 times today

Reagan LOVES the Food Network channel. Something we both can enjoy.

Reagan felt the need to let me know at lunch that -

"we've had tons of pizza lately, too much, actually."

Gabe must have taught her that actually word.

Uncle Bing stopped by today and Reagan was sleeping. When she woke up and found out she had missed him - she asked this series of questions:

"Mommy, did you make sure he knows which way to go to get to doctor (she calls Proctor - doctor)? Did you send him off with a gift, like some candy? I bet you gave him pizza, didn't you? Did he go potty before he left so he doesn't wet his panties?"

Just a day in the life!!

I did mow today to get ready for our OPEN HOUSE - Saturday.

Also, Jo's Kitchen Table has been doing a series called Fit Fridays

you could get fit at the

Hometown Crawfordsville 5k

The Crawfordsville Fall Festival also happens to be that day.

Lots of fun, food, booths and fall stuff going on - great fun for the family!

While you're out in the country, you might as well check out ou
r house.


Shaun said...

I miss so much being at work. *Sigh.

kate said...

Ha!!!!! You are cracking me up!