Friday, October 23, 2009

If you are a parent.....

YOU NEED THIS BOOK! I had forgotten how wonderful it was with Reagan. It really does work magic with babies - and children. They need routine. I really believe that with some sense of sameness, they are happier, less fussy, better eaters and

I think we started BABYWISE from day one with Reagan. This time we waited until Hutch was 4 weeks old and definitely paid for it.

The cool thing, though, is anytime is a good time for a routine.

Hutch was fussy, eating terribly, up all night and really wearing on us - until we started this schedule and stuck to it for a couple of weeks. Now he's predictable, happy and really thriving - I mean - he's getting fat!

So, if you're wanting your kids out of your bed and in their own. If you want kids that sleep through the night at an early age. If you want some peace during the day. Do this!

I would lose my mind if we didn't do this schedule. I almost did lose my mind those first 4 weeks.

You should also read what this sweet lady has to say about it. She doesn't know me - but I read her blog :) Click HERE.

I also read this one: Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Just click HERE and you can buy it really really cheap. If you have young children - it'll be the best book on your shelf.


jo said...

The Ezzos have also written a very helpful book for toddlers. I want to say its called Toddlerwise but that sounds cheesy.

They are both great!

Candice Hair said...

I saw that in my search on I haven't read it, but it HAS to be good.

The Culbertsons said...

Hi Candice!

I was looking through at who has visited my blog lately and I saw that someone from your blog had been directed to my blog and was very surprised! I was even more surprised when I read your post about babywise and that you referenced me! Thanks for the sweet comment you made - I think it had made my day :-)

Glad I found your blog too and glad babywise has worked so great for you. I love babywise and love how my children are so happy and great sleepers. My heart goes out to moms that don't get any sleep and insist on demand feeding - if they would only read the book!

Blessing to you!

Dianna Culbertson