Friday, September 11, 2009

MY Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Baby Boy

Aren't these pictures awesome?! Not only because they have my beautiful family in them - but because my sweet sis-in-law, Joanna, took them. Her camera is amazing, and she is equally amazing.

Shaun's mom has always called him her "blonde haired blue eyed baby boy".....well, now I have one. We've just welcomed Hutch to our home. Words can't begin to describe the complete joy I feel about our children. God has blessed us far beyond what we deserve with our two angels. I was doubtful that I could love another child as much as I love Reagan. I was wrong. Hutch has stolen my heart. There is something special between a mom and her boy. I'm just sayin.

When I think about sleepless nights and the possiblity of colic and the yellow poop and the spit up.......I still smile. Everything about him is so wonderful. We waited so long - so long - and now he's here. I can say, though, that God's timing was perfect and I see it now. Reagan is such a big helper in so many ways. Thank you, God, for perfect timng and big girls that are potty trained.

I'm also a bit overwhelmed emotionally lately - maybe I have the "baby blues" or maybe it's that I'm overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility God has given me. God has created these lives and given Shaun and I full responsibility to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Oh, what a heavy thing. It makes me fearful - in a good way. I want to be sure that I take this seriously. The very idea that God has trusted me with such a huge thing - two lives, hearts, souls - is so shocking to me. I am certainly not qualified.

My prayer is that God would reign supreme in my heart and mind as I act as a guide for my children every moment of every day. I pray where I am wrong, they would be protected. I pray they will know what is most important to me - that it would be clear to them that I love Christ - just by how I live and react.

In the meantime - I'm holding Hutch. I'm enjoying this first month or so where there is no worry about spoiling him. He is so special to me. I could kiss him all day long. He's beautiful and wonderful. God is so good. Too good to me.

BTW and P.S. - I am remodeling the blog. For now, I'm going with the plain look :) I am just not good at the "digital creative" stuff. If anyone has hints or time to help me give it a vamp - let me know~!


J said...

Aww. Those pictures are precious! I remember that feeling of wondering if I could love my second as much and being totally overwhelmed with how much love I felt for the new baby. It's amazing!! Hope all is going well. ~Julie

poetry4Him said...

Hey Candice!!! I think your little boy is just darlin! I love the pictures, they capture the essence of being alive on this great place called Earth. Praise be to the most High God for His indescribable gift!