Friday, September 25, 2009

Candice the Hermit

Yep, thats right. You're not reading it wrong. A hermit is what I'll be until this gets easier. And I know it has to get easier - because so many people I know do it and do it well. Maybe all of you are SUPERWOMAN and I am not. Who knows?

I had so many people tell me that going from one to two children was the hardest transition of all for them. Not zero to one. Not two to three. Not three to four. I'm not going to lie, I doubted them - thinking it couldn't be THAT different.

WELL, I'm here to tell you - it is. VERY different. My pride wants to say it's awesome and I am still keeping my house well and mowing my yard every three days and we have no dirty laundry....that's not exactly true. I'm humble enough to say it's not. I found out last night that Shaun has been getting socks out of a basket full of clean laundry.....for weeks....I know, right? I'm awful.

I'm seeing the need for routine around here. When it was just Reagan and I, we could come and go as we pleased. We could paint and rearrange furniture all day without a hitch.......or hutch:) Now, I can't do anything without my "chest" leaking or hanging out and Reagan needing something right at the moment I sit down to feed Hutch. Not to mention going out of the house somewhere. We've been walking to the mailbox everyday - that's a start :)

We did go to Walmart today. It was a pleasant experience. Except I couldn't get anything but my kids in the buggie:) Overall, though, it was great. No one cried! Not me, not Reagan, not Hutch. That's always nice. I usually cry.

Reagan asked me today if I could just skip feeding Hutch. Said he could go on a diet like daddy. She said she's tired of me feeding him. She said he's "so fat" and he is "a pig"....

.....he's 6 lbs.....not even close to fat....

I am guessing this is the first of many jabs she'll make at him.

So my reason for writing this post is to ask - what is your routine? What works for you? Is it a little premature for me to be judging this two kid thing? Was two especially difficult for any of you? Please say it was.


jo said...

Routine Shmine !!! Boy, is this NOT the week to ask me about that. I'll get back to ya. In the meantime, one nice side benefit of staying home is that your blog is looking sauccy, mossy! And that's a good thing.
Missing ya'll.

kate said...

love the blog makeover! when i finally get around to updating mine, i'm gonna need you to couch me! and i bet you're doing just fine for the transition!!!

J said...

I love the pictures!! What a precious family. Yes- it was VERY hard for me too! Ruthie Mae was born in August and that was probably the hardest winter for me ever. I started going to a women's Bible Study once a week and that is what kept me from going crazy!! I'll pray for you when God brings you to mind.