Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Hutch

I'm 30 weeks! Can you believe it?! It's flown by. I guess it's because we've been so busy. This baby has a name now. It's Hutch. For a couple of reasons....I love it, Shaun has been calling him Hutch and Meme really loved the name. It happens to be a family name - little did we know.

I can't wait to hold baby Hutch. I am a little worried some days - thinking I could never love another baby as much as I love Reagan. She is the joy of our home. Lately, though, I've been feeling quite the bond with these feet in my ribs. Don't be mistaken - he is not turned yet - he is in what they call a "Frank Breech" position. It looks like this:
I know, right? Scary.

Here is Hutch. He looks just like his big sister's 3D ultrasound pictures
Reagan looks like her daddy - from her fingernails to her personality.
Maybe Hutch will have my personality - because I'm funnier :)


J said...

How cute! He looks like Shaun! I've never said that before about an ultrasound picture. Hope the last couple of months go well.

sethswifeforlife said...

Cute name. Good choice. Do you have a middle name yet?
You're on the home stretch, the last quarter of your pregnancy! Hope it goes well & fast, and that you stay cool through the summer!