Thursday, April 2, 2009

Showing Early

Ok. So I am officially showing. I didn't poke out with Reagan until 20 weeks. I am 17 weeks and for sure poking. I am excited to be looking a little more pregnant instead of just a tub of lard walking around. I am thinking so far, that I am carrying a lot lower than I did with Reagan. I couldn't breathe the entire time with Reagan because my belly was up in my ribs. This time, the baby is looking a little lower to me. I'm told boys are usually lower. I'm on the hunt for cheap maternity clothes - so if anyone has any ideas - let me know.

Rest assured, there will not be belly pics to follow.
I'm not a weekly picture taker.
I just thought the first "showing" would be fun.

This is for my sisters in Mississippi!
Here ya go sistas!


Julie said...

Cute belly!!

Amy said...

Hey Candice!
Cheapest maternity clothes I could find were at Ross. They don't always have a great selection but I always found something I needed when I went. Tops for around $8 and they have shorts and capris too. We are excited for you.