Thursday, November 6, 2008


We recently went on vacation with some very good friends of ours. We had SUCH a great time! Before we left, no one was really sure what to think. We have never been on a vacation with another family and we had never been to a place like this before. You know, you hear horror stories about families that tried to take trips together and ended up not friends anymore. Well, our trip was not like that. We felt like we got to know our sweet friends. Our love and respect for them grew as we watched them training their one year old son. It is nice to know there are other people out there that want to biblically train their children. I love to hang out with people that have the same goals as us. That makes for a unified spirit.

Anyway, Jess and Kev and baby Eli are so precious to us. We are so grateful for the time we had with them. Reagan love, love, loves Jess and I do too! She is SO good with children. Reagan loves to be read to and Jess is so good at that. I can learn a lot from Jess about patience, both with Reagan and my hubby. God has truly blessed us. They are special friends.

Fellowship with friends is sweet. I am especially thankful for Jessica, Kevin and Eli!

We took a pontoon boat out one day.
We were a little chilled, but it turned out to be a fun time!

Reagan is naked a lot. Am I a vain mother? I hate getting stains on clothes that won't come out. Maybe I should clothe her more....this day nakedness was easier.

We kept Eli one night while Jessica and Kevin had a date. They did the same for us another night. I got the awesome privilege of giving Eli his bath and fixing his hair.
He was Ace Venutra for the night.
He liked the bracelet too.

Reagan LOVED the boat and hated the vest.
My hat remained on her head only for the picture!

That's my sweet friend Jessica and her baby Eli.

This is a tarantula. It was HUGE. Shaun HATES spiders. He was quite nervous.
There were several in the middle of the road.
It was really fast and it reared it's front legs up at it was going to jump.

This was our bathtub! The whole family got in. It was fabulous.

Reagan directing ship into the water and Eli telling her to hold up!

These are the two cutest kids ever!

They loved those boats. It was a resort, so everything laid out for the visitors to use.
We made good use of the boats, right there on the shore!

Reagan loves Oreos!

They are so sweet together!

It's beginning to look like Eli is mine and Reagan is Jessica's.

Still looks like Eli belongs to me!
I was playing tickle bug with him.

Not so much belonging to me anymore!
Does he look like his daddy or what?!
He loved driving the boat!

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